Empower your team with dynamic product comparisons.

Equip sales teams with the tools to compare your products with competitors.

Equip Sales Teams

Productbox is a hosted platform that builds full-featured product comparisons.

Build product comparisons that function like a web page.


Go beyond static tables and text with engaging functionality and intuitive navigation.

Dynamic Content

Present relevant content dynamically to help users understand key differences in your product lines.


Manage a single source of truth for product content, editable in a simple web-based interface.

Use them anywhere.

Familiar, Universal, PDF Format

Any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader can access the full, interactive functionality of your product comparisons.

No Internet Connection Required

Once your product comparisons are downloaded, they are completely self-contained and do not require an internet connection to use.

Emailable File Sizes

All files are highly optimized so that they are easily distributed over email or the web.

A smarter way to build comparison sheets.

Self Service

Self-service Creation

After configuration, Productbox is completely self-service and ready to be used by your whole team.

Disclaimer Management

Automated Disclaimer Management

Disclaimers are automatically updated across all comparison sheets so that you always have the latest information displayed.

How it works.

How do I get started?

Go ahead and reach out below! We will set up an initial kickoff to take you through the tool's capabilities and gather any specific requirements you may have. We then gather content and integrate it into the platform on your behalf. We then set up a training with your team, and your team is then able to manage content and generate updated PDFs.

What costs are associated with using Productbox?

New projects will be charged an initial set-up fee along with an annual renewal fee. Productbox is an enterprise-level tool and specific costs vary from project to project.

Can the tool be customized?

Yes! While there is a tremendous amount of useful functionality already available in Productbox, we are able to accommodate custom feature requests to support your sales teams' needs. Contact us below for a custom quote.

What if my team needs help?

We provide unlimited technical support to ensure your users have what they need to be successful with the tool. Please contact us at help@productbox.com.

How long does it take to get going?

A typical set-up takes six to eight weeks to get up and running.

Does Productbox support internationalization?

Yes! Productbox offers multi-lingual support to make internationalization as easy as possible.

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